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Lou and Tiffany are both part of the Woodchuck cabin. She put her ear up against the door and heard moaning and crying. She made her way back to her room and found Luke waiting for her. She spread her legs, showing Jessie her pink wet pussy. She was, after all, responsible for turning the pretty teen into a nasty cock loving whore, so she let it slide. Then she placed her hand on his ass and rubbed the soft but firm skin, and then she brought her hand up and brought it down with a loud smack causing Luke to yelp, and causing him to drive his cock deeper between her legs. She even let them DP her and she always went to bed totally satisfied.
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Tiffany and Jorge watch Ravi pass his test and are proud of him for completing it. Chapter 2 3. Zuri and the others tell him that he's being ridiculous but Jorge and Tiffany sneak back into the guy's cabin. They are currently bunkmates at Camp Kikiwaka. If so he is one lucky boy. Tiffany develops an unhealthy crush on him, and although he is flattered, he knows that he's too old for her.
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He had so many mixed feelings. Luke slowly opened the door some more and saw a naked blond girl where Jessie's pussy would be. He compliments her and they both agree to forget about this whole fiasco and decide to just be friends. You surprised me, that's all. Luke was getting elbow deep in Emma and he was amazed she could handle all this. Only one way to find out.
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Some of the other campers, such as Zuri and Jorge, have no regard for how dangerous one of their antics might turn out due to their ignorance. She is the second shortest behind Jorge of the main cast. But the new documentary "Getting Naked: Ravi and Tiffany. She also tries her best to please her mother with outstanding grades. It's revealed the monster was a guy in a Kikiwaka suit.
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